Everybody has a story.

Mine goes like this…

After a quarter century of humming right along in life, things looked pretty great. Successful in nearly every area of my life; good job, friends all over the country, lived in some fun places and accomplished cool shit that alot of people envied but at the end of the day, if I’m being honest, I was totally unhappy with my life and had completely lost sight of who I was.

I searched everywhere for my “happy”. EV-ER-Y-WHERE.

I shopped. Alot. And I was pretty good at it if I do say so myself! I had a new purse, or pair of shoes, or some other sparkly thing to put in my closet on the reg thinking “yes, this will help”. Turns out, no. Still not happy.

I went on awesome vacations. Surely the sun and sand in a tropical location would make me happy, right? Nope.

Got a new job. A better job. With a big fancy title and made more money. Yeah, nothing. Still not fulfilled. Still didn’t feel like I was where I belonged.

Bought a house. Which, wasn’t a bad investment but even with all the fun shopping I got to do, it still didn’t make me happy.

I even got married. Not exactly the best plan buuuut seemed like a good idea at the time. Bet you can guess how that worked out…

Basically, not one damn thing worked. Not. One.

And there was some other fun stuff —

I worked my ass off to make sure that I could please everybody. EV-ER-Y-BODY. Truth be told, I was WAAAAAAY too concerned about what other people thought about me.

Most of the time I agreed to do things or take on new projects out of either guilt or fear. Those are some great motivators huh!

If I was faced with really difficult decisions I was paralyzed because I had no idea WHO I was, how could I possibly make a good decision let-alone one that I felt completely comfortable with.

If you asked me my core values I’d be hard pressed to give you an answer. Pretty tough to make meaningful movement in your life (and be happy) if you’re wondering aimlessly.

And the real kicker…people absolutely thought I had my shit together! I mean, from the outside, I had everything. The job, the house, the man, not to mention a closet full of great shoes. But none of these things gave me the fulfillment and happiness I was seeking. Besides that, it was exhausting. Mentally. Emotionally. Physically. A beating every single day to hold up the image that I was “great” anytime someone asked me how I was doing. Even worse, every day that passed, I was losing sight of who I was.

So I’m thinking…

“Clearly there must be something terribly wrong with me and I’m FOR SURE not telling anyone that I can’t get my shit together.”

That disaster went on for about 5 years. Ended in depression, divorce and a deep down and dirty dive into myself. But I had some help.

Turning Point

One day I was doing some random google searching – probably something to the effect of “how to be happy” and found a life coach’s website. It felt as though she’d somehow snuck into my house and secretly read my journal because it was as if she was talking DIRECTLY TO ME. I devoured every ounce of her website. Everything she said I was like “yep” “uh-huh” “exactly!”. She offered a short course and that was my first experience with a life coach.

Can I tell you – that woman – changed my life.

Quite frankly, it saved my life.

What’s your story? I want to hear it!

Ten Pretty Crazy Things About Erika

I am a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, a volunteer and rather sassy.

I grew up in South Dakota in a place so small it’s not even on the map anymore. Kindergarten through 8th grade was spent in a two-room school house with a few-dozen kids, two teachers, and one rotary phone (remember those!?). My class had 3 people; my cousin, the teachers kid and me. To go to high school I lived with people 90 miles away from my family and came home on the weekends. See, I told you it was small!

When I was 16 I died in a bad car accident. But it’s ok, I lived. Obviously.

Vodka is my preferred drink but while living in Washington state I also developed a palate for good vino. An Oregon Pinot Noir can make any day a great day!

Since graduating from college I’ve moved 12 times and lived in four different states. This number will continue to go up.

I’ve been laid off…twice. Neither time was ideal but both times were absolutely perfect.

After leaving an abusive relationship in my 20’s that ended violently, I decided I would always work with survivors of domestic violence offering free programs focusing on strengthening their relationship with themselves, understanding their worthiness, and setting boundaries.

The beach is my happy place. #BeachPlease

I have an obsession with The Container Store and a serious addiction to carbohydrates.

As much as I love being with amazing people, I am equally as content being by myself.

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