life coaching with sass!

life coaching with sass!

Hello Beautiful!

I work with crazy smart women who have already accomplished epic shit in their lives but struggle to feel truly happy and fulfilled. They’ve chased jobs, men, money, and other “shiny objects” along with a whole lot of trying to please other people but in the end still felt like something was missing. Some women are ready to make significant changes but don’t know where to start. Others aren’t even sure why they can’t seem to find happiness in the first place. But all of them are certain about one thing – they are ready to make progress in their lives!

How can I help?

Being Happy Again

>> Figuring out your core values and aligning your life with them

Making Big Changes

>> Facing your fears to get what you want and deserve

Reaching Your Potential

>> Overcoming challenges and accomplishing your goals

Solving Problems

>> No matter how big or small, we can find a solution

How does it work?

Simple. Head over to my calendar and find yourself an appointment that works for your schedule (hey, I know you’re busy!). Your initial coaching call is completely free so you get a chance to find out if this is a good fit for you before you commit to anything else. But, if you’re like most of my clients…that’s just the first of many dates you’ll want on my calendar!


I would love for you to pickup my no-strings-attached guide to discovering your personal Core Values Workbook. Why do you want this, you’re thinking? Well, do you like making decisions quickly and with ease? Do you like knowing you’ve made the right decision? Do you love the feeling that every move you make is intentional and on purpose? If so, this is for you! All I need is your email addy so I can get it in your inbox ASAP. And don’t worry, I promise to guard your contact information with my life!

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