So what is life coaching?

Think of coaching as a personal trainer for your mind. We hire people to help get our body in shape. Why not get the most precious piece of software we have (our mind) in shape?

Y’all (I live in Texas so we say that) I’ve spent a fair amount of time in the self-help section at Barnes & Noble, not to mention on the couch talking to a therapist but coaching is different. Life coaching is the incredible process of transforming your mindset, then rewriting your routine, and ultimately your life to achieve the goals you’re looking for — with a partner by your side the whole time (that’d be me).

I’m not going to sugar coat this, it won’t always be easy but neither is struggling with fear of failure, self-doubt, perfectionism, the need to please everyone and just plain being unhappy.

Wouldn’t you rather know and own your self-worth, learn exactly who you are and foster the ability to make decisions easily, find your strength and your voice, and ultimately fiercely love yourself, your life, and get your “happy” back?!

It is possible.

And I’m here to help you do it.

After experiencing the life changing results of coaching myself, I wanted to give this transformational experience to others. So I became a certified life coach. This work is powerful and important, but I believe you should be highly skilled in the craft before calling yourself a coach.

Today I am humbled and honored to work with women all over the country like you to:

  • overcome your fears
  • understand your self-worth does not come from a job title or accolades
  • nobody is responsible for your happiness except you

You can reach any goal you’ve set for yourself and overcome any challenge that stands in your way. You can!

It is such a privilege to be by your side as you courageously open up a world that most have never seen and witness the dramatic shifts that happen when you understand how incredibly powerful you really are!

My coaching style is fun, irreverent, honest, and kind. We’re going to dive in and get some things handled (like Olivia Pope style).

So, are you ready to get this show on the road – cuz I know you aren’t one for sitting around when there’s something to be done!

Currently I offer two different coaching options:

1. Customized One-on-One Packages

2. Small Group Programs

Interested in group coaching? Let me know!

The Best Part


Want to find out how?

Not exactly sure if this is for you? I get it!

It’s my goal to make sure that you are one-million-percent ready, so lets talk.

It’s FREE! No strings attached.

Bring a problem or a challenge you’re facing and lets talk.


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