What exactly is the difference between coaching and therapy anyway?

I’m SO glad you asked!

When I first told people I was pursuing a certification in life coaching I got the same question from alot of people; how is coaching different than therapy? It’s a good question and I’ve had my fair share of both so let me break it down for you.

To start, think of coaching as a collaboration where the coach and client are equals. This is different from therapy where the counselor is generally leading the session. Having a coach be my partner made me feel way more comfortable when I was going through a “hot mess” getting my shit together.

In therapy, the goal is primarily to fix a problem and tends to focus on past unresolved issues which, as we all know, can take a long time.

The purpose of coaching is to look at a client’s present challenges or obstacles and focuses on enhancing your life with deeper self-awareness, inner strength and tools. And because the goal is forward focused the duration of coaching is determined by the you – it can be as long or as short as you need. It’s call “personal development” for a reason – it’s PERSONAL!

One of my favorite parts about coaching is how sessions can be held. Here’s the thing, I’m a busy woman, I don’t always have time to drive to your office, sit down on your couch, talk to you for an hour, then sit in traffic to drive back to my home or office to get on with my day. With coaching, the sessions are held virtually – via phone or video conference – which means your commute time is about 60 seconds. We can work on a solution to any problem you’re having from the comfort of your couch!


Still have questions? I’ve got 45 minutes of free time to talk to you about it!

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