My vision board included a bucket list dream to stay in an over-the-water bungalow.
Completed May 2019.

If you want to make BIG THINGS happen, if you’ve got WILD GOALS, or you need to DEFINE YOUR DREAMS this workshop is for you.

What is a Vision Board anyway?

A Vision Board is a sacred place where you capture what you truly want in life. It’s a collage of images and words that represents your goals, your dreams and your aspirations. It kick starts your imagination and gives you a clear picture of where you want to go. It’s equal parts heart-work and DIY fun. Besides that, you get dedicated time for YOU to FOCUS ON YOU!

Do Vision Boards really work?

A year ago, after Blaze and I closed on our new house, we were furniture shopping and did what most people do going to a big-box store spending an absurd number of hours slowing walking up and down isles to find a few staple items, including a dining room table. We had finally found one we both liked, a lovely salesman wrote up the contract, handed us a slip to go checkout and we were feeling great about our decision. As we rounded a corner on our way out I saw a table that made my heart jump. It was love at first sight. Ohmygawd, what should we do? Get the one we’d already decided on or the one that made my heart flutter? Suddenly I remembered my Vision Board. Eleven seconds later I spotted it – the EXACT same table that made me stop in my tracks was on my Vision Board in an image I wanted to bring to life in a dining room one day. That was it! The board helped me make a decision quickly and confidently; we rewrote the contract immediately and once it arrived it was beyond perfect.

A few weeks ago I told you about the 5 Things I wanted to Accomplish in 5 Years before my 40th birthday. Each of the 5 things were on my Vision Board including images of an over-the-water bungalow. From the photo above you can see, that one was realized along with a few others. This process WORKS!

Here’s What You Get

  • Clarity on what you really want in your life
  • Get yourself “unstuck” and allow yourself to dream
  • Connection with like-minded, kickass women
  • Endless support to accomplish your biggest wish
  • Multi-sensory immersion through words, ideas, feelings and images
  • Visual reminder of your passion and inspiration
  • Fired up and ready to make shit happen

Who Should Sign Up?

  • Working professionals
  • Full-time Mom’s
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business owners
  • Newly married or newly divorced
  • Just had a baby or a new empty nester
  • Anyone with a pulse

Check out these BADASS Examples of Vision Boards!

“I’ve always wanted to do a vision board. I had no idea what to do or how to get started. I was even overwhelmed with selecting the magazines for my board. Once I sat down at the table and heard other women share and was able to talk through some things, it opened my eyes, that we are all a work in progress and working everyday to try harder. My vision board is bright, has so many uplifting words, is focused in some areas, and others just scattered. My board has some big scary goals and the things that keep me going on it. I’m so grateful for Erika for the opportunity to try something I’ve been wanting to do and for asking the hard questions that help push me to do better and be better. Even on hard days I can look at my board and know what I’m working towards.”

“I’m so glad I did this workshop! Thanks Erika for all of your guidance through the process.”

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I acted on a gut instinct and signed up for Erika’s Vision Workshop. I had never participated in this type of exercise before and would have said “nope, not ever gonna do that!” But I knew I had to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. Through the workshop, I was  exercise, I able to see that I need to “get out of my own way mentally” – stop overthinking and putting up roadblocks to my vision of life. A picture of my descent from the top of the Mount Vesuvio crater in Italy is the center picture because it represents that I can do this! (My mantra during the upward climb battling heavy winds and chilly temperatures.) While I am a work in progress and so is my vision board, I am thankful to Erika for starting me on this climb!”

“This process was incredibly therapeutic. I was able to put together my road map for 2020. I can visually see it every day. I am reminded how far I have come and how close I am. Thank you for an amazing experience. I wish everyone love and luck on their journey. ♥️”

Are. You. Ready?

Recognize opportunities for personal development and growth.

Set meaningful goals anchored to your values and purpose.

Increase your self-awareness.

What Do I Need To Bring?

  • Your sweet face
  • An open heart and an adventurous spirit
  • Magazines that speak to you. I hear you asking: What the hell does that mean, Erika? Go stand in front of the magazine rack at your local book store. Without making any judgement what-so-ever, pick up a half-dozen of the magazines that speak to your heart. If you love to travel and want to do more, get a travel magazine. If you want to build or remodel your house, get a home decor magazine. If you’re ready for your jeans to fit better and get serious about your health and fitness, for goodnesssakes get a magazine that inspires you!
  • Any other magazines you have on-hand that you’d like to share with new friends
  • Photos or images that represent or remind you of your goals or dreams such as a photo of you and your husband on your favorite vacation that reminds you what it felt like to be in paradise. Could also be a photo of your bosses office that you want to move into one day.
  • Literally anything that can be stuck to a board and lights your soul on fire

What’s Included

  • Master coaching to unlock your deepest motivators and priorities
  • All the shit: poster board, scissors, glue, tape, markers (remember, you’re bringing the magazines or other personal motivators)
  • Beverages and light snacks (you’ll need some brain food) but please feel free to pickup your perfect cup of coffee or bring a bottle of bubbly if you need extra brain food!

Ready To Get Started?

Fantastic! First things first, drop me a quick DM or text VISION to 214-799-1122 to reserve your space ASAP. I’m hosting this as a private event and if we’re being honest, my house will only hold so many badass women at once so space IS LIMITED.

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