What the hell is a resolution anyway?

What the hell is a resolution anyway?

Here’s what Google says:

So, a decision or an action. That makes sense. But what about a feeling?

I don’t know about you, but come NYE 2018 I want to FEEL really good about my year.

  • Empowered
  • Intentional
  • Purposeful
  • Proud

Okay, you’re right. You can’t just have a list of feelings and not identify ways to achieve them so I created a list of goals. For me, goals are best accomplished when broken down in increments of one month. It’s a defined measurable time frame and also allows for some flexibility which is good based on my schedule. I also identified a few bucket list items that I also consider goals for the year because making memories lends itself to FEELING good! Along the same lines, I added a couple of items that are not-so-fun because, well, adulting…

Research and experts all suggest that writing down your goals is the best first step to achieving them. Next is the recommendation to share the list with others who can hold you accountable. I shared my list with Blaze first because, as previously mentioned he doesn’t like to leave projects undone so I know he’ll encourage me when I need it. I’m hoping all of YOU keep me on my toes too. I’ll check in from time to time on the blog to let you know how I’m doing (and feeling).

In no particular order, here are my goals for 2018 to feel Empowered, Intentional, Purposeful and Proud:

One new blog post per month

You heard it here first, this shit is coming at ya on the regular! Those of you who blog know it’s not just writing. It’s editing, editing again, and again, and usually again. Oh and unless you’re a WordPress expert it’ll take you some time to make it look pretty. Then you gotta tell people you wrote the damn thing (enter Canva) with posts to Facebook and Instagram. Otherwise, pretty simple stuff (lol!).

Read six books

I love the smell of books, I love holding books, I love buying books to display on the bookshelf, but just haven’t ever been an avid reader. In the last 12 months I can think of two books I read cover to cover. Yes, two. I can feel your disappointment. While some can read six books (or more) over a holiday break, six books seemed reasonable and achievable to me. Let me know if you have any must-read recommendations.

Eat at one new restaurant each month

If you’re like me, you want to know you’re going to enjoy the food you’re about to pay for. If I want to eat terrible food, I’ll cook! Blaze and I often fall into a rut when it comes to dining in new spots and instead opt for the “old reliable” option where we know we’ll be satisfied. We’re bound to have a few less-than-exciting experiences during the course of the year but thanks to apps like Yelp we get a pretty good idea for what to expect before we ever even leave home. If you been anywhere amazing please let me know so I can add it to the list!

One home-cooked meal per month

I mean, this is almost laughable given the second sentence of the above goal but, here we are. My mom is a terrific cook. My brother is an amazing cook. I suck at it, and truthfully, really don’t enjoy it…at all. If we’re being honest, “man who cooks” was absolutely on the ideal-mate list! Luckily Blaze is a great cook and I would farrrrrrr rather assist in assigned tasks, and will haaaaappily do the dishes and clean the kitchen after the meal, BUT it felt like a good goal for me to attempt a meal…once meal a month. And if the whole thing is a gigantic failure, well, we’ll put the “new place to eat” goal to work!

Consistent (aka: automatic) deposits to Savings

A year ago I called upon my friend and trusted advisor Sarah Walsh to help me get my financial house in order. I’ve done a whole lotta starting over at zero in my life and needed someone to help level-set and provide some guidance. Sarah doesn’t sugar coat shit but she’s also damn good at what she does so when she breaks out her sheet of paper to explain fixed vs discretionary accounts, and that she doesn’t care about your credit card airline miles because savings is more important, listen!

Exercise 2x per week

This one is going to be the death of me. First, who likes working out (and if you raise your hand our friendship is now questionable) but more importantly, 2x a week is just self-inflicted pain which makes me question my own sanity. As I write this post mid-way through January I’ll tell you, this one is the one I’m struggling with the most. Do you have a go-to routine? If so, share it with me.

Call someone special each month to stay connected

Most of you will look at this and think, “how freaking difficult is it to call someone?” Well, you’d be surprised! I think about calling people all the time but sorta like reading, I just don’t do it enough. Facebook has done a decent job of keeping me up-to-date with most of my friends across the country but nothing compares to a good phone call (or better yet, face-to-face visit) to really connect.

“Adulting” Crap:

Root Canal. Who put’s that shit on a list of goals? This is a sure-fire way to confirm you’re getting old.

New Glasses. Also boring. But it’s been well over a decade since I got new glasses and given my current state of blindness, they are needed!


A trip home to South Dakota. Cute nephews. ‘nuf said.

A trip to the Beach. Blaze and I both agree, we prefer the sand and the sun and I’m in need of some Vitamin Sea soon.

A trip to one new city. Along the same lines as the new restaurant, I want to visit somewhere in the US I’ve never been. Any suggestions?


That’s it. 12 Goals in 12 Months and FEELING badass 365 days a year. What’s on your list? And how do you want to feel?



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