And that’s why you should always trust your gut feeling…

I needed to find some snazzy dresses for photos with my gorgeous and ridiculously talented friend at Goldenlight Creative, Dorly, and decided to use a trusty website for some rental options. As I scrolled through what seemed like 732 pages of dresses, one in particular really caught my eye but I immediately dismissed it because my inner shit-talker quickly commented “that’s not something you would wear Erika”.

Another 12 pages of scrolling and I went back to it and hear, “Cute, but no. You could nevvvvver pull that off.”
More scrolling.
You know at the bottom of the screen where it shows you recently viewed… yep, there it was. Clicked on it again.

As I perused all the photo angles and read reviews of others who had rented this dress before me, the dialog in my head sounded sorta like this:

Shit Talker: Why do you even like this dress?
Me: I don’t know, I just do. LOOK, it has pockets (happy dance)!!!
Shit Talker: Well, you’ll probably look like an idiot. Look how bushy the skirt is. And it’s so….flowery…you aren’t really a flowery kinda person.
Me: I know, but look how cuuuuuuuuute it is! I don’t know why exactly but I’m just drawing to it. It’s gorgeous!
Shit Talker: Listen babe, the model wearing this dress is, a) tall (you’re not), b) skinny (you could use a little work there), and c) a freaking model so of course it looks good.
Me: Hmm… well, I guess you’re right. Damn.
((clicks back to the other 731 pages and galleries of images to find something else))
Me: I really like that dress. A lot. And it has pockets!
Me: ((gets pissed off at shit-talker-self for being such an asshole and decides to keep looking))
Me: You know what, I’m ordering it! If it gets here and doesn’t look good then so-be-it, I won’t wear it, but goddammit I like it and… well…. I’m getting it.
Me: ((feels like a badass))

Also Me: ((clicks rent, smiles, and starts praying it looks good))

The result are some of my most favorite images. I love the flowery pattern. And the pockets… ohhhh the pockets! Yes, the skirt is bushy, how fantastic is that! Yes, it was too long and drug on the ground, I’m like a freaking princess y’all!



It turns out my opinion IS important. FAR more important than my internal shit-talking Snake. And every time I honor my gut reaction I end up being right. EVERY. DAMN. TIME.

Order the dress. Take the job. Eat the cake. Buy the shoes. Break up with the guy. Go out with the guy. Say yes. Say no. Book the trip. Love yourself.

Learn to trust your instincts, they very rarely let you down.

xo – Erika

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