10 Questions That Will Change Your Life.

I remember it like it was yesterday.

It was the moment when this perfectly lovely woman whom I’d never met before shook my hand and said, “so, tell me about Erika” and, do you know the only thing that came to mind was to tell her what I did.

My job. My title. My accomplishments.

She didn’t ask “where do you work, what’s your title and have you been particularly successful with anything lately?” she said “tell me about you”.

This is a problem! I didn’t know what to tell her about WHO I was. And lets face it, I should pretty much be the expert on me, right?!

I mean sure, there are the facts:

  • I am the daughter of Audey and Nina,
  • sister to Chance,
  • born and raised in rural South Dakota (don’t ask me where, it’s not on the map – true story),
  • I like carbohydrates (ok, love) and vodka,
  • snakes scare the shit out me, and
  • I work really hard.

AHHH, back to the work thing again…damit! Is that really all I “am”?

It wasn’t until many M-A-N-Y years later that I found out who the real, raw Erika is.

To name a few things:

  • I am fiercely independent but I can’t survive without human connection from others.
  • I take great pride in not only my strong work ethic but also my desire to continue growing and developing personally.
  • I never leave the house without mascara on because, well, I like looking polished.
  • And perhaps most importantly, I am on a personal mission to make an impact and inspire as many women as I can while I am on this Earth. I believe that if I can share the gifts that I’ve been given, I can help them find the courage, confidence and ultimately the truly fulfilled, happy life they are seeking.

So, who are you?

Do you know?

How do you even figure that out?

Like most people, I googled it. But none of it resonated.

One day an amazing coach whom I ADORE introduced me to the concept of a Personal Core Value System. From the get-go I was like, sure I know my values. Next.

Ummm, not-so-much.

Once I had truly connected to my Core Values I was able to make decisions with far less confusion and emotional turmoil. Values are the compass by which I lead my life and stay true to myself. Lets say for example I were offered a job where the pay was double what I make now but the work was something I am completely against. Who cares how much money you’d make if I’m completely miserable because I didn’t follow the compass that guides my life. If I wasn’t clear about my Values, perhaps the money would be the shiny object that distracted me.

I very consciously use my personal Core Values when I select friendships, relationships, even managing my time and money. Learning this concept was a game-changer for me. And I promise you will be enlightening for you too. Even if you think you’ve got your values on lock-down this will help you sharpen your focus.

So how do we go about the somewhat ambiguous task of identifying Core Values if we have no idea where to start?

Gosh I’m glad you asked that question!

There is a high price to pay if you are not clear on your Values and that’s why I’m offering you my free, Define Your Personal Core Values Workbook.

Your Values are as unique as your thumbprint but with this workbook you will be able to:

  • make informed and choices and tough decisions faster and easier
  • guide the way you want your life to go; and if something doesn’t align it’s not for you
  • know your “why” in every activity and choice to truly stand behind your decisions
  • serve better and make more of an impact in the lives of people around you


So the next time somebody asked me “tell me about Erika” they better have a a few minutes set aside because boy have I got an answer for them!

“Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.” — Ghandi

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