Customized One-On-One Packages

People often joke about the value of investing in yourself but I believe this is potentially the single most IMPORTANT investment you could possibly make in your life. Some of the most successful people on the planet have worked with a coach and know that the investment will pay dividends over and over again and because I personally know what this kind of work can do for your life, I deeply understand both the value and the trust that goes along with this investment.

My promise to you is to show up, every time, the very best way I possibly can for you because I know you’re worth it! We get down to business because you’re busy and you also have shit to get handled. I’m not here to be your girlfriend and commiserate with you; instead, I’m here to give you tools and guidance to accomplish your goals – if that’s figure out what’s holding you back in a relationship, start a new career, solving a reoccurring challenge in your life, or just uncovering how to be fiercely happy. We have work to do, so lets get to it.

One last thing…you’re worth it. You are ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT. Make this investment in yourself, your future, your relationships, your career, your goals. You are worth it.

Here are a couple of options for you to consider:

Bad Ass Tune Up

Package #1

The Bad Ass package gives you six (6) one-hour sessions with me over the course of three (3) months (or sooner if you’re really ready to kick ass!). This program is designed to help you work through or overcome a particular challenge or goal you’ve set, gain clarity, and even reduce stress. Absolutely the best way to get started investing in yourself and learn how you can make massive progress in your life in just a few short months.

Investment Option:

– Single payment $750
Due at the time of the contract before first session

I’m Gonna Need A Minute

Package #2

Sometimes making change and measuring progress can take more time so I also offer a 12-month package where you get twelve (12) 30-60 minute sessions (hey, it’s your time so you tell me how much you need!). Additionally, this package allows you free email access to me throughout the course of our year together. The Minute package is by far my most popular option and the one that gives us the best chance of success and transformation in your life.

Investment Options:

– Two (2) equal payments $950*, or
– One (1) single upfront payment of $1600, a $300 savings!
*payment schedule: first payment due at the time of the contract before first session, second payment due 6 months later

I Need You On Speed-Dial

Package #3

Get me (almost) unlimited for a year. Think of this as your own personal life coach on retainer (and speed-dial!). This package was truly built for the person who needs some serious accountability and also knows that her goals will take a little time. A calendar year gives us the opportunity to build a crazy strong relationship where you know you can be exactly who you are at all times knowing that I will always have your back and be your biggest cheerleader as we tackle any challenges together. With this package you get up to 30 sessions over 12 calendar months. Those sessions can be 10 minutes or they can be 90 minutes, it’s all up to you. Additionally you’ll have unlimited email access and my personal cell phone number to call or text me (between the hours of 9a – 9p CST) because, well, sometimes shit comes up and it just needs to be addressed right away. I only accept 4 clients per year for this kind of access so please contact me to see if I have any openings available.

Investment Options:

– Two (2) equal payments $1500*, or
– One (1) single upfront payment of $2500, a $500 savings!
*payment schedule: first payment due at the time of the contract before first session, second payment due 6 months later

If you’d like to talk through ANY of these options and determine what is best for you based on your needs and goals, schedule a complementary session and we can discuss everything in more detail. I get it, this is a huge investment and I want you to feel 100 percent confident that this is right for you!

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