Yes. You. Can.

Five years ago on my 35th birthday I was sitting alone in a tiny one-bedroom apartment with little more than what I could fit into a small van. I had consciously decided to end a marriage and [...]

Charmed Life

A few weeks ago I was at an elementary school in front of an entire 2nd grade class. First, those little ones are exhausting! My hat’s off to teachers – you are unsung hero’s [...]

Depression is a Thief

When we bought our house a year ago I recall how grateful I was to have a big yard. Mostly because I’d been living the apartment-life and was beyond excited to not have neighbors all up in [...]

The Art of Saying No

Scroll social media for any length of time and you’ll likely see someone’s massive pile of bags awaiting pickup or drop off to a donation center because they’ve uncovered the [...]

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